5 Tips to Enjoy Krabi with Krabi Taxi : TaxiKrabi24hr
Krabi, undeniably famous for being a tropical paradise, is a popular tourist destination of southern Thailand. Millions of tourists visit Krabi each year. Its white sand beaches, refreshing water, lively streets, excellent diving spots and numerous natural attractions make it one of tourists’ favorite places.

If you have some more time to spend in Krabi or simply want to travel differently from the standard tourist routes, here are some tips to help you get a ‘local’ feel of this vibrant city.

 Enjoy Krabi with Krabi Taxi : TaxiKrabi24hr

  • Talk to locals: Getting to know the people is a good way to get to know the place. Southern Thai people are very friendly and kind. Krabi locals are very used to tourists and they will make you feel at home immediately. Spend some time to chat with them in a local tea shop over a traditional ‘cha chak’ or simply start a casual conversation with the staff in your hotel. They might give you some recommendations not advertised on typical tourist information. For your best convenience you might rent a Krabi taxi to travel around and find hidden gems.

 Krabi Taxi : TaxiKrabi24hr

  • Don’t rush : Yes, there are a lot to see and do in Krabi, but you don’t need to rush to visit every single place. The best way to enjoy a place is to slowly take in the atmosphere. This way you have more chances to interact with the surroundings. After all, a vacation is all about relaxing and enjoying yourself!

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  • Try traditional food: Thailand has one of the most diverse food cultures in the world. Traditional dishes are different in each region. Seafood, cooked in the southern style, is a must. Also make sure to try some bites from the local stalls that you see in almost every corner. Roti and milk tea is a super common breakfast favored by locals and visitors alike. Local people or magazine can tell you places with the yummiest food in town. Some are a bit out of the center so a Krabi taxi will come in handy. Promise you it’s worth every effort!


  • Don’t be scared to drive around: Despite the fact that Thailand has a poor reputation on traffic and road safety, Krabi is an easy to navigate town with decent road condition. Public transportation is common only in the city center. Renting a nice, clean Krabi taxi at the airport can get you to any place easily and hassle-free during your stay. You will be surprised to discover many off-the-beaten-path spots and safe a lot of money by not taking pre-arranged tours. Also you will have more time to enjoy your day at a relaxed pace.

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  • Explore the inlands: Krabi is not just about the beaches. There are plenty of natural wonders further from the coast. For example, Khao Phanom Benja National Park in the rainforest area where you can find caves, gorgeous waterfalls, and an emerald-colored lagoon.

There are a lot of places to visit in Krabi , and you can use many transportation to reached the attractions such as Rent a car at the airport or hire a taxi. Both Krabi taxi and transportation arrangement to various places are available.



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